Corporate Services

Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax of all the E.U member states which is currently at 10% and thus Cyprus companies are tax efficient cross border trading vehicles. We provide corporate services structured around our client’s company and the industry in which it operates. We advise our clients on how to utilize cross border tax schemes by incorporating and taking advantage of a Cyprus registered Company as Cyprus offers great tax incentives due to its favorable tax regime and its wide network of double tax treaties. We carry out the incorporation of companies and establish  the processes so that our clients can benefit from the favorable tax system through the registered company.

In addition to the incorporation of companies we provide a full nominee and trustee services including the services noted below:

  • Provision of  Company Secretary services.
  • Provision of Directors’ service.
  • Provision of Shareholders’ service.
  • Provision of a Registered Office for the Company.
  • Maintenance of statutory records (e.g. the register of members, the register of directors and officers), the Minute Book of the Company and other required records and the issuing of share certificates.
  • Preparation of notices and agendas, attending and taking minutes of meetings of shareholders, directors and committees
  • Liaison with those authorized to speak for the Company and its Shareholders and with the Company's principals, bankers, managers, accountants and auditors
  • Advising on legislative changes in the jurisdiction which may impact the statutory requirements of the Company
  • General administration of the day-to-day corporate affairs of the Company including dealing with correspondence, faxes, telephone calls and e-mails
  • Making applications to, and filing of statutory documents with local regulatory authorities on behalf of the Company
  • Provision of compliance procedures to ensure that Companies comply with the anti-money laundering legislation .

Primary Contacts

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